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Update to Time-lapse Calculator app adds new features

time lapse app

Time-lapse Calculator

99¢ iOS app for iPhone & iPad

time lapse calculator app

Version 1.6 of my Time-lapse Calculator for iOS is now available.

App Store: Time-lapse Calculator iPhone iPad

This update requires iOS 9 or higher and includes many new features:

  • Responsive layout for the latest Apple devices, from iPhone SE through iPhone 6 Plus, and iPad mini through iPad Pro
  • 3D Touch Quick Actions: Go directly into Shutter Interval, Target Duration, or Event Duration mode
  • Copy to Clipboard with one touch (inputs and results)
  • Maximum event duration (recording time) increased to 999 days
  • Improved camera resolution selection
  • Tapping status bar scrolls back to top
  • “Rate this App” links directly to Reviews tab in App Store


A quick and simple time-lapse calculator with three modes. The default mode allows you to determine the shutter interval (time between shots) that is required to achieve a desired video clip length for a given recording duration.

Most time-lapse utilities only allow you to enter the recording duration and shutter interval. Then they calculate the duration of the video clip that would result. That is occasionally useful, but most of the time it’s backwards.

If you know how long you would like the final clip to be, your video frame rate, and how long you plan to continue capturing exposures to cover the event, then it is the interval variable that you need to calculate.

The Time-lapse Calculator can also be set to calculate the target duration (video clip length) or event duration (recording time) based on the other variables.

In addition to the intervalometer functions, the Time-lapse Calculator estimates the memory card storage capacity that will be required for RAW or high-quality JPG image files, based on the megapixel count of your camera.

  • Universal app for iPhone and iPad
  • Calculate shutter interval, target duration (final clip length), or event duration (recording time)
  • All standard NTSC, PAL, and film frame rates (FPS): 15, 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 48, 50, 59.94, 60, or 120
  • No advertisements
  • Optimized for iOS 9+
  • Only 99¢

Time-lapse video: New York City Marathon (2014)

4K (Ultra HD) time-lapse video of runners racing through Brooklyn during the New York City Marathon on Sunday, November 2, 2014. Two cameras capture the entire day into night (as viewed from my balcony).

I used my Time-lapse Calculator app to determine the optimal shutter interval and memory card requirements for 12 hours of shooting.

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