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Dock Party app macOS Spotify Apple Music


Dock Party

“Now playing” music utility with player controls and a sleek audio visualizer in the Dock

Turn your macOS Dock into a dynamic light bar that syncs with your music and brings your Dock to life in ways subtle or dramatic. Display track details and album art right beside the Dock. Control music playback with clickable controls that are always visible. Like songs with the ♥ button. Or simply customize the appearance of your Mac desktop by giving your Dock a new color theme (or “skin”) with a variety of hues and gradients to choose from.

spotify apple music app macos dock party


iOS / iPadOS

time-lapse photography app


Time-lapse Calculator

Time-lapse photography video planning utility

Calculate optimal intervalometer settings on your iPhone or iPad with this quick and easy time-lapse calculator featuring 3 different modes. The default mode allows you to determine the shutter interval (time between shots) that is required to achieve a desired video clip length for a given recording duration.

time lapse calculator app