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  • Bruce Springsteen Bruce Springsteen Bruce Springsteen in Philadelphia
  • Tangles in Time documentary documentary film about dementia and caregivers short film about alzheimer’s disease
  • Official trailer: Jack of the Red Hearts feature film trailer editor movie trailer editor
  • Kids playing in Polk Bros. Fountain, Chicago Polk Bros. Park Polk Bros. Fountain
  • Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia Hillary Clinton 2016
  • East Coast Warehouse (B2B marketing campaign video) corporate videos New York City
  • TV ad: Drexel University Drexel University University City, West Philadelphia
  • NYC Marathon 2014 time-lapse Brooklyn time-lapse video Brooklyn Marathon
  • Nature Conservancy: Escalante River Watershed The Nature Conservancy nature documentary
  • Music Video: Two of Us music videos Philadelphia bands


Tangles in Time: Live performance and documentary film series to premiere in September

Tangles in Time is both a series of short documentary films that I directed, and an original theater production, created and directed by Theater of Witness Artistic Director, Teya Sepinuck. The films and live performances intimately explore the lives of people suffering from dementia and the life-altering challenges faced by their care partners.... More »

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Capturing Kaplan: Alan Kaplan interviews top CEOs

How to move your Capture One preview cache to an external drive in macOS

One of the most pleasant surprises of going 100% Adobe-free has been the switch to Phase One’s Capture One, my favorite Lightroom alternative. Capture One 12 is faster than Lightroom, has more powerful tools (including layers), and does not require a subscription! Here’s a great trick to reduce the size of the Capture One catalog file by moving the preview and thumbnail image cache to an external hard drive.... More »

Dockside for iTunes: The new macOS Music App from PACKAFōMA CōDE

Dockside for Mac: An elegant, lightweight “Now Playing” utility and controller for iTunes that fits perfectly next to your Dock, displaying album artwork, track details, and compact player controls. We love Apple’s macOS design aesthetics, but it’s time to make use of that wasted space on each side of The Dock! Version 1.0 is now available in the App Store for only $1.99. Dockside was designed for the magnificent Retina displays of iMacs and iMac Pros, but it also works with smaller MacBook and MacBook Pro screens. The minimalist interface remains visible at all times while iTunes is running and is much less irritating than the default iTunes notifications.... More »

August in Chicago: Polk Bros. Fountain in Navy Pier Park

Photos from Navy Pier Park and the Polk Bros Fountain, which opened at the entrance to Chicago’s Navy Pier on July 23, 2016. The Polk Brothers Foundation seeks to improve the quality of life for the people of Chicago by reducing the impact of poverty and providing area residents with better access to quality education, preventive health care, and basic human services. Photos by Dax Roggio... More »