Free downloads of my VFR flight planning forms (PDF)

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flight plan form PDF / VFR navigation planner

A better VFR flight planner, featuring a simple layout with radio frequency column.

As a student pilot, I relied on the Jeppesen flight planning sheets that I found stacked next to the photocopier at my Santa Monica flight school. They were free and adequate.

I am extremely picky when it comes to flight preparation, however, and as I learned more, I became less satisfied with the forms. They made very poor use of space and lacked an area for radio frequencies or runway information. I tried some alternatives from ASA and Dauntless, but I disliked them even more. The well-advertised offering from Dauntless deserves credit for ingenuity, but I’m pretty sure if I ever actually used their origami style of flight planner, I would end up performing some unintentional aerobatics.

Keep in mind that I am someone who went through five flight bags in my first few months of training before I found one that I liked, and that was after making a lot of special modifications myself. The same remains true for pretty much everything from flashlights to kneeboards to sunglasses, all of which take on more gravity — pardon the pun — when you start flying.

So not long after I got my private pilot certificate, I decided to create my own flight planning form. I kept it as simple as possible but spent many hours fine-tuning every inch. I have been using it ever since. It was worth the time just for my own use, but I think a lot of pilots will find that it’s an improvement over the commonly available flight planners.

I’m a tech geek, and I appreciate that a lot of pilots are using electronic flight planning methods these days. An iPad is a great addition to any flight bag, but I still prefer to plan most flights with a pencil and paper. I feel like this forces me to learn the route as I create it, which is why I found it particularly helpful as a student pilot.

For a bullet list of enhancements and to download the free, printable PDF forms, follow this link: Flight plan forms

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8 comments on “Free downloads of my VFR flight planning forms (PDF)”
  1. Terry Broadbent (PilotTerry)  

    Thanks for making/posting your VFR nav log – I’m in student mode – and using it now. Thank you,

    • Dax  

      You’re welcome! Good luck with your training!

  2. Bill Lippincott  

    Excellent organization and included info.
    But it looks like the NavForm is intended to be used in 8.5×11 landscape format, which is 2x the width of a knee board. If I had a native version of this file, I might combine Route & Alt and attempt to move things around so I could fold the form into planning and flying sides. What do you think?

    • Dax  

      Thanks, Bill. When I designed the NavLog, I did consider the 8.5×11 size to be less than ideal, but I concluded it was necessary to avoid other compromises. I usually fold the wind calculation columns along the left side back out of the way before flight, which makes the page a little smaller, but it is still wider than a kneeboard.

      Email me at the contact page address if you are interested in the original Excel file.

  3. Shadrach miller  

    outstanding vfr card. thank you.

    • Dax Roggio  

      Glad you like it!

  4. paul  

    Your design is excellent and solves problems that have been bugging me for 15 years!!

    • Dax Roggio  

      That’s wonderful to hear! Before designing it, I had tried every flight planning form I could find, including all the standards, but every one had flaws in organization and layout that drove me crazy. So I finally gave up and started from scratch on my own design. It’s always great to hear from pilots who appreciate it!

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